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Tunes from our teens

by Unite B

For many of us, music is a key part of our relationship with God. We asked the young people who come to Unite B (our youth group for those aged 14-18) for their Christian music recommendations. Here's what they said:


Look Up - Renewed & Davidson Moses

- It reminds me that wherever I go God's love will always be with me.


Battle Belongs - Phil Wickham

- A great upbeat song with lyrics that remind us to always rely on God.


Reckless Love - Cory Asbury

- It reminds me how much God loves us no matter how much we push away from him.

I Surrender - Hillsong

- It helps get me in the mood to pray and read the bible.

Plus - Burn the Ships album by for King and Country

This is the link to the album playlist on YouTube. - It's an upbeat album - good songs and lyrics. Reminds me that we can leave our mistakes behind.


Elka & Berna

A favourite for many across the generations:

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