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Lockdown Anthems

Brought to you by the St Bart's Ministry Trainees

Stepping slightly away from the usual pattern of the blog this week, we thought we'd bring you a post with Christian music recommendations from this year's ministry trainees. In a time when many of our hearts are crying out to God, we pray that this music may be encouraging and uplifting. Please do share any of your own music recommendations in a comment at the bottom.


We sang this song a lot in the Church I was at before I came to Bath - and I think these lines from the chorus are some of the most memorable:

"My joy in sorrow's tears My strength to cast out fears No other name but Jesus, Jesus"

The whole song is a great reminder of our dependence on Jesus, and the fact that the only way to be saved is through him, but this section is a good practical application of that truth that tells of the help we have in all situations.

It's amazing to know that we can have God living in us because of the gospel, and this section reminds us of the work that we can trust in him to be doing in us.

"Help me now to live a life That's dependent on Your grace"

(And, of course, it has to be this version because it's the one with the key change.)


Life can be hard, but Our mighty God is good. I must often remind myself to keep my eyes on Jesus.

'Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

Look full in His wonderful face,

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

In the light of His glory and grace.'

“Jesus Shall Remain My Joy”

Having grown up in a family of Bach lovers, I felt I couldn’t exclude him off the list. Bach's love for Christ is evident in his composing. This is a classic and always lifts my thoughts to heaven.


As the reality of another lockdown hits and I feel any semblance of control over who I can see and what I can do slip away my gut reaction is to attempt to regain control over anything that is left. For me the lyrics of this song are a massively helpful reminder that actually the Lord is my Shepherd.

"And who can I fear when You're standing right here by my side?

Always leading, protecting and guarding my left and my right"

We sang this at the evening service on Sunday and I found the lyrics, based on Psalm 42, massively helpful and encouraging.

"And, oh, my soul, put your hope in God

My help, my Rock, I will praise Him

Sing, oh, sing through the raging storm

You’re still my God, my salvation"


This last week has been a bit mad. However, I often find in those times when I'm struggling and lack the words to pray, lyrics in songs can provide direction to thoughts and words for worship and prayer. This first song has excellent lyrics, which I've found to be great reminders of God's sovereignty when the world seems overwhelming:

"Though the nations rage, kingdoms rise and fall

There is still one King reigning over all"

Just a few weeks before the first lockdown, Bath Uni CU held our February events week and I used this song at the launch evening for the week. As the song crescendos into the final verse it always reminds me of the privilege and joy that sharing Christ with others truly is. That good news we shared in events week remains as much of a joy today. "And the Church of Christ was born

Then the Spirit lit the flame

Now this gospel truth of old

Shall not kneel shall not faint"

Do use the comment section below, or on Facebook, to share any of your favourite songs or artists with everyone else!

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