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By Tracy Budge

When your life is out of alignment with God’s words you will almost certainly experience painful consequences. I know I have. When your emotions get out of order and start to determine your wellbeing, you may find yourself locked in a self-made prison which is really hard to escape from. I have needed to find a proper balance, and to learn how to always trust in God. He will then show us the path to emotional freedom.

Emotions are to the soul, what senses are to the body. They reveal the way we feel about life’s circumstances. People who go in the wrong direction with their emotions, struggle to survive and may feel helpless, hopeless and worthless anger (I did for many years after my divorce and daughter Alys’ passing). An emotional stronghold does not refer to just having a bad day every once in a while. It refers to when you can’t shake the negative entrapment that has grasped your life, resulting in uncontrolled discouragement, depression and sorrow. Instead of just denying the hurt from emotional situations (death of a loved one or divorce) with the help of pills or self-harm, I wanted to discover the root behind what I was experiencing so that I could overcome it. Not just forget things, but deal with them how God wants me too.

The truth is God did not create us to carry emotional issues for five, twenty or forty years or for any time at all. Rather, God has promised us in Christ a full life. Jesus said,” I came that you may have a full life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). He has not called us to live each day defeated. He wants us to know and trust that He is the One who controls all things, and He is watching over the entirety of our lives. If we are not experiencing the abundant life that Christ freely gives us, then it’s time for a change in thinking how our lives should be lived. Turn to God, and ask Him to reveal the areas in our lives that we are lacking trust, and the emotional struggles that have set in our hearts.

Christ wants to help us learn to see past our sorrow, and to view our lives from God’s vantage point. He made a miracle out of the mess of my life. Trusting and leaving everything to him in prayer, plus experiencing fellowship with my brother and sisters in Christ. I’m really grateful especially to my W2W (woman to woman Bible study) sisters for keeping me focused on what’s important - Christ. Are there emotions that seem to have a strangle-hold in your life? Are you ready to turn them over to God? I did! 2 Timothy 1: verse 7 says “For the spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline”. When you align your thought with God’s truth, you will be set free!

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