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Jesus said to her, 

'I am the resurrection and the life. he who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. do you believe this?'

John 11:25-26

Perhaps one of the opportunities that 'lockdown' offers, is the chance to look into things that we have never had the time to do in the busyness of life. 

Christians hold unreservedly to the hope of forgiveness of sins, life to the full, and the promise that death is not the end. They claim this comes from the person and life of Jesus Christ. Some may have had an unhelpful experience with Christianity as a religion misrepresented by some. But we hope that those who would like to, can return to the authenticity of the faith and investigate the person and life of Jesus for themselves.

We hope our collection of resources may be helpful in your journey, as you explore the hope that Jesus claims he can give.


A series of interviews meeting people who have found hope in challenging times


"Hope Beyond Fear"

An interview with Robbie Hall (Retired Army bomb disposal expert)


"Hope Beyond Uncertainty"

An interview with Neil Todman (Pastor who lost his wife to cancer)



Explore the heart of the Christian faith with the Christianity Explored CourseThis is a simple 7 week course with online videos based on one of the earliest original manuscripts--Mark's gospel. It gives an account of Jesus’ life written in the 1st Century AD, based on eye-witness testimony. Explore the course in a way that suits you.

Start the course in your own time with the online version of Christianity Explored

Alternatively, join a St. Bart’s online course 

Watch videos from the Christianity Explored course.

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Read an original account of Jesus’ life written in the 1st Century AD, based on eye-witness testimony. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are different eye witness accounts.

Old Documents


We have collected a few videos that you may find helpful as we reflect on the current situation.

Young Woman Reading Tablet


Part of the journey is to dare to ask the questions that trouble you.We hope some of these resources will prove helpful.

A website engaging with many challenging questions people ask about life, faith and God

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